Why Hire?

If you want to hire forklifts for a day, a week, a month or a year, DEMAC Forklifts can help.

icon-tick FLEXIBILITY - DEMAC Forklifts gives you the ability to increase and decrease your fleet size to match your work demands,
blank so you are better able to have 100% utilisation of equipment that meets your fluctuating work loads. Short term or long term forklift
blank hire, from just one day to several years.

2_ton_seriesicon-tick LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Most of the DEMAC Forklifts rental fleets are recent models. Our forklift
blank rentals services will give you access to the latest forklift technology, without the large upfront
blank investment costs that are associated with ownership.

icon-tick FULLY MAINTAINED, NO HASSLES - Our forklifts for hire are fully maintained as part of the rental,
blank so you don’t have to worry about service and repair costs. DEMAC Forklifts look after maintenance
blank on our fleet of service support vehicles, 365 x 24 hours.

icon-tick NO UPFRONT INVESTMENT - NO UPFRONT COSTS - There is no upfront capital investment with DEMAC
blank Forklifts hire, this leaves your credit lines available for other areas of your business.

icon-tick GROW YOUR BUSINESS - DEMAC Forklifts rental is an off balance sheet item. You have access to reliable forklift
blank rental services while being assured that it has little or no effect on your ability to borrow, so as to grow your core business.

icon-tick TAX DEDUCTIBLE - DEMAC Forklifts rental payments are 100% tax deductible.

icon-tick GREAT PRICES - Unlike most forklift truck rental companies, Demac Forklifts buy at wholesale prices and pass those savings Competitive rates with the latest forklift rentals equipment,  on to you by
 blank way of lower forklift rental rates.

Competitive rates with the latest forklift rentals equipment,  now there’s a DEMAC Forklifts solution ...







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